Client: Kingswater Lindum/Longhurst

Project: Sobraon Park

  • Value: £ 11.6 m
  • Completed: 2010
  • Architect: L5 Design
  • Procurement: Design & Build
  • Contract Period: 3 Phases over 4 years
  • Location: Lincoln

158 Properties - Open market, affordable rent and shared ownership

Located on the former site of the old 1870’s Sobraon Barracks, the Lindum Group, along with development partners including housing associations, regenerated the area which was derelict and under used for many years.

The existing Barrack blocks and parade ground along Dunkirk Road were demolished to be replaced with new flats and houses for sale and rent, whilst Lindum Homes built 50 properties for private sale on the northern part of the site.  At the centre the original gardens were retained as a landscaped public area containing many existing mature trees with the adjoining properties overlooking.

The overall design theme has been to replicate the original military feel with a formal layout and a range of attractive houses having classical proportions and features. The houses offer a variety of accommodation including 2 bedroom bungalows, 2,3 & 4 bedroom townhouses and 3, 4 & 5 bedroom detached houses all with their own gardens and parking or garages.

As part of the project the Post Office Club was rehoused in a purpose built new club house to the side of the site.

 Client Contact: Jeff Gunthorpe

Longhurst Housing Association Ltd,

Leverett House, Gilbert Drive, Endeavour Park

Boston PE21 7TQ

0845 309 0700